Sunday, December 6, 2009

"What A Jewell Heaven Beholds"-By Shannon H. Guzman

"What A Jewell Heaven Beholds"-By: Shannon Hayes Guzman (Dedicated to my friend.)Share
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Yes, it's Christmas time--
where the lights on the tree flicker and shine...
but, there is a brighter light up in Heaven with God today--
what a Jewell Heaven beholds, His majestic glow is lighting her way...

Her radiant smile now smiles at Jesus, On the other side, He is her winner--
Her blue-Jewelled eyes now twinkle along with the angels dazzling shimmer...
Her love is enveloped in the most perfect place to be--
Her happiness is now completed, and she is surrounded by peace...

As much as we miss her down here on this old Earth--
we must remember her goodness, her beauty, and worth...
And remember her strength, her character, and wonderful heart--
we must always take her with us, and never, ever let her memory part...

Her motherhood qualities were those deserving of utmost respect--
Her love for Tae Kwon Do are memories left for us to beautifully reflect...
And if you feel lost and somehow cannot see through your tears--
Just visit your God who will comfort your sadness and fears...

For it is Him we must go to when things seem too tough--
and it is Him we must lean on when life gets too rough...
He is the answer to our questions and private-minded thoughts--
For He is the one who desires to help us with our pain and wrenching wroughts...

She was a Jewell to everyone, especially to her children--
She smiled while in pain, and had that fighter mentality to always win...
When you think of this beautiful friend that we've lost--
just lift up in prayer, Hannah and Lydia, for the tears they'll accost...

I know Heaven shines brighter now with a thousand more watts--
because a Jewell traveled there, where she is unconditionally loved a lot...
She is free from her pain, and any worry or sorrow--
and God is now promised in her each and every tomorrow...

I will always remember this Jewell of a girl--
who bedazzled my childhood, and shined faith into my world...
May she forever be rested, and filled with laughter and love--
and be crowned with Jewell after Jewell by Our Heavenly Father up above....

RIP ~Stasha Jewell Kastenschmidt~
Love you forever my beautiful friend.
By: Shannon Hayes Guzman
December 2009

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Two Yankees Met On A Southern Louisiana Sidewalk--God's Hand Was In It All Along

So, I'm sitting here, in my house alone...the kids are at school and Sergie is at work. I don't have classes until later, and this is the first morning in a while that I have "nothing" to what do I do? WRITE.
With Tad (Weiner dog) and Licorice (black cat) BOTH curled up on me, I am blogging on here. I love it. The Christmas tree is winking at me every second, and the quiet of the house envelopes me...(wow. No morning news for me today, I took the "day off" from that...).
So, I'm due at my MIL's house shortly, but, wanted to take the time to write freely and really put my feelings into concrete words today.
I read about MYSELF on my Best Friend's blog (Kerry). She is my BFF24+1, always!! The numbers are the years we've been BF's...the 1 will change to 2 in August...
I've written about BFF24+1 on here...but, today I'm going to write differently about her...because I feel led to....and I want her to know how special she is...oh, so much.
You see, I believe God put us was not just coincidence that she and I met so many years ago at the bus stop. I believe in God's destiny...He destined that we'd be friends...BEST ONES actually...Do you honestly believe it was coincidence that TWO YANKEES met on a Southern Louisiana sidewalk at young ages just because? Oh no, His hand was in it all along....
His hand has been in our friendship for 25 years now. Oh, the memories we share....I love them all, each and every one. I love this woman. I love her so much!!! There are so many ppl who are a curious about our CODE NICKNAMES for each other, and when I tell them, they Love it. I am her BESTIE! Isn't that just the CUTEST?!?! I love it. It's my name...just for makes me feel loved.
I am very sad that my BFF24+1 moved back up North. I miss her. There are days I am like "I need to go to BFF24+1's house and have COFFEE and sit on the front porch and just talk"...and then I realize she "isn't here". I miss her. I am very lonesome without her here...I hate it that we live so far apart...thank God for computer/fb/texting/cells. I love snail mail...and my BFF24+1 is better at that than I am....I never, ever want to lose this woman from my life. It would kill me.
My BFF24+1 is absolutely beautiful. Her eyes are the greenest color I have ever seen..and oh boy, does she show each and every emotion in those eyes....I've seen them all I! She is pretty. The kind of pretty that doesn't need make-up. Lucky girl. But, she does wear the EYE SHADOW when she feels she needs too.... LOL!!
My BFF24+1 has had a happy and rough life at times, and many a sad things have happened. I won't publicly share them on here...but know, this woman is strong. Very strong. I hurt bc she hurts. I wish I could take the pain from her life. But, I know that only God can do that...I'm here for her. I hope she always knows that, believes in that, and acts on that promise WHENEVER she needs it...needs me....
She's coming to my graduation. Wow. Do you know how much that means to me? Oh, boy. I can't wait to see her. I def will get that college dipoloma if it is the last thing I do...just to see my BFF24+1, oh yeah!!!
She is going to be a Congrats to her!! I can't believe it. And the baby is almost here...I'm going to be a "Great Aunt"--that's what I've been adopted to for HARMONII! Oh yeah!!!
Well, I better get going. Just had to all these feelings that were conjured up. I just want my BFF24+1 to know how much she means to me and my life. Connected always we are: BFF24+1 and Bestie!!!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving at Our House--38 Family Members--and I LOVED IT!

Our Thanksgiving was absolutely wonderful!!! So many family members came and the house was just full of chatter, love, and happiness! I am glad that the house was filled with peace and thankfulness. I am thankful for my family...all of them. How wonderful a time we had, and the food was awesome!!!
It was so totally amazing that the first (Babin)cousins (a lot of them) were together: Joni, Kim, Shannon, Donnetta, Angela, Janet, and Yvonne! I LOVED IT! And then all of our kids were together, playing and playing and playing all day, into the night, and they just had the time of their lives. I am thankful for all of those precious, precious children: Lexxi, Alex, Sammy, Lily, Brittany, Nicholas, Ginny, Evan, Landon, Tyler, Trevor, Austin, Alec, Christian, Emilie, Alaina, Justin, Michelle, and Katie!
I just loved the visiting and the wonderful, holiday atmosphere!
It was a wonderful, blessed Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Michael Jackson's American Music Award wins-Nov 2009

Come on, I have to write about MJ tonight! He just won 3 AMA's! Yeah! He lost "Artist of the Year" to Taylor Swift, but that's OK. He is still the King of Pop. He just hit a new record: Biggest winner of American Music Awards of all time. That's deserving of acknowledgement!!!

I just wanted to say tonights awards were.....WEIRD! And it was hard for me to sit through all of the other people....just way too out there for me....and some of it was very vulgar and not acceptable for TV....but that is why I put it low, low, low and did TONS of laundry until I heard "Michael Jackson"s name or Sergie called me to the, I wouldn't miss it...But, I'm glad I voted for him a month ago on and I re-purchased his dvd (Sergio bought it for me and surprised me with it last month) bc my first one was stolen in New Orleans! Yeah for MJ winning award for most DVD video sales of the year "MJ's Number Ones"!!!! (Credits rolled at end of show). YEAH!!!!

My first blog of Michael Jackson, but certainly NOT my last!! Just a short one though, I am happy he won and Jermaine spoke so well of him.

Shannon RIP MJ forever.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

"Wanna Go Get Hay?" I love my friend!!

Well, I have another follower, supporter of my writings! Yeah!! Everyone meet: Christine LeBlanc!

Christine is my friend who I met at Gail Freeze School of Dance when her daughter, Ellie, befriended my daughter (newcomer) Brittany. They forged a friendship and in turn, Chris and I became friends!

There are many things that Christine and I share....I love it! Things like: Jesus, church, horses, country-life, vacationing, NEW YORK CITY, love of ballet, dancing, MICHAEL JACKSON music and dance and person he was, children, Blue Bayou, SUV's, "dingy blonde moments", camping, bike riding, UL "torture", supporting each other's dreams (hers dance school, mine newspaper writing) and so much more.....these are to name a few!

Christine and I always find something to laugh about! She and I find the same things either highly hysterical or highly offensive....two blondes together get us a lot of attention out in the world---some good, some bad! Ha ha!

I love our long rides together to Carencro to get a huge bale of hay for her horses....I can't drink an orange soda without thinking about those rides where our friendship is renewed and refreshed...special.

She is so beautiful...she means well and has a good heart! She is passionate about things she stands up for, and hides a lot of her hurt and pain to the outside world. She is a strong woman, and I admire her in the ways she can be so independent in a cruel world...I've learned so many things from her...

I love her children too. I pray for them. Glenn is special to me too. I love her family, her daddy, and her two boys....I wish I could have met her mother...

Christine is my friend..she's always there for me if I need something...I'll never forget the time she took me into her house until midnight to help me with a newspaper spreadsheet...she laughed and had fun and taught me in such a postivie environment that I just love the memory of it....thank you Christine!

There are so many memories that her and I share....there are many code names that her and I share too....

One of them is WASHING MACHINE!!!!

I love you, Christine!

I Love My Mom!!!!

Good evening, my blogger friends!

I've been thinking that I must write about my mom! She will be a "follower" of my blog through my Aunt Doris for she is already a "member" and I gotta write about all of my members as they join! So here goes...

My mom is beatiful. I love her very, very much. I consider her one of my best friends. She is very special.

Her name is "Ginny" (yes, I named my daughter Ginny after her--oh boy! Little did we know what "gift" we were giving her.... ha ha ha ha!) I love that name! And I love having a daughter with that name. I know it makes my mom happy too. That makes me feel good. It feels right, you know?

As most of you know, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer over two years ago. It was a horrible time. I know it was rough on her. It was sad to see her go through this. Yet somehow that little woman was strong. S-T-R-O-N-G! She amazes me today, when I think back...

I am so glad that God got her through her cancer. I am so thankful that she is here with us. She seems to be stronger and has an appetite again, what a blessing!

My mother is absolutely the best cook in the world! She can cook with her eyes closed, and it'd still turn out right! She makes the BEST GUMBO you will have ever tasted...people from Louisiana to Michigan to New Mexico will all tell you... all seven of her grandchildren idenitfy their "Mimi" with "Gumbo"....I love it when she makes it for us all, not because it makes us happy (oh,it does!) but because she is happy doing it. When is the real winter going to hit here by the way? I mean, it's almost time for her to stir the roux.....

My mom loves me. I know she does! We are very close. We get each other's humor...and I love that we can laugh together. I love to have "adult to adult" conversations with her now as I am an adult. We can see each other's point of view. Of course, I will always be her daughter, and she my mom, I wouldn't want it any other way. I'm glad she's mine and that God let her be mine...I know this now as an adult, and appreciate her so much more...

My mom and I share the love for the movie "Walk the Line"!! We saw it about 13-15 times (I think) at the theaters. We also have the big poster of the movie and DVD's now. I associate that movie with her before and while she was brought her great joy to see it...I'm thankful to have those memories with her...

My mom loves Jesus. She is really passionate about that. I think that is a wonderful thing! If you ever take the time to ask her, who got her through her cancer, she will answer "God" before the question is out of her is absolutely amazing.

She is just awesome! I love her so much! I know she knows this...but I always want her to know it so that she won't forget it....

I have so many childhood memories that I will post in the future...


An Aunt Who Will ALWAYS Be Special To Me. Always.

My Aunt Doris has joined my blog! My "Auntie" and "My Aunt Horsey" are loving nicknames I have given her.... Now I get to write about ONE OF MY MOST FAVORITE PEOPLE IN THE WORLD!

Oh, where do I start to introduce you all to this wonderful woman? This amazing woman? This woman I have always adored, loved, and looked up to?

People, my Aunt Doris, is a special person. She is my mother's sister, and they are amazingly close. As far back as I can remember, these two sisters have been very close and shared many a good times together. (There is another sister, Aunt Shirley, who is also very special, but she's got to join before I can write about her!)

Aunt Doris has always been good to me. Always. She has always loved me. Always. She has always cared about me and the stuff going on in my life. Always. I know she always was there because she always loved me.

She has a huge, giving heart. She is so interesting to talk to. I love to hear her stories, written and verbal. Yes, she is a writer. God blessed her with the gift of writing, and then through the bloodline, she "passed it down to me." She has always supported my gift of writing. She has always given me edification with my work. I value her opinion, and her help, and yes, even her critiquing. A writer needs that support, that reiteration of good praise and helpful dialougue.

She has always been there for me. I remember her as far back since a pre-schooler. Always loving and took time to talk to me. Not being a greedy child, (I must verify this so it doesn't come out sounding like I was), I used to get excited for my birthday and all the presents I might get. My parents always made my (our) birthdays special and we knew we were loved. But, my Aunt Doris would NEVER miss a birthday. She always had a big box mailed to me at our little home in Buckley. She always sent something special and wanted. Always. I don't recall her ever being late on my birthday packages. Ever. I remember as a child, skipping along the gravel road, by the big, yellow mailbox,waiting for the box to arrive. I'd always look for the mailman to drive up--I could see up that road as far as my eyes would let me. Beautiful country.

She just loved me through my whole life. Up and downs. Always. She wrote a poem for me and Sergio's wedding. She also recited it at my wedding as a surprise. The words she had written (she said God gave her), were absolutely beautiful. I cried when she was reading them because they were intensly honest and astounding. I will never forget that gift...

She is a born-again Christian and has been for as long as I can remember. She graduated from Theological College (I think when she was in her 60s), and that has always inspired me. Wow!

She just lost her husband, my Uncle Ish, my chosen term of endearment--GRAMPS! How sad and lonely she is....but she always gives her grief to God. This isn't to say that she doesn't cry and miss him, but, the fact that she has enough faith such as that in the pain and sorrow of death, is pretty remarkable and amazing. I so wish I had this kind of faith...

There are sooooo many more things I could write about of this woman. I love her with all of my heart, and then some. I LOVE YOU AUNT DORIS!!!